Torre Rinalda



Inspired by the structure of the dandelion, the way the plant absorbs water and nutrients, which are distributed from root to tip, we made parallel with our idea of fulfilling life back. The design strategy will manifest the presence of the tower not only at the territorial scale but as the dandelion itself it will absorb the information from all over the world and distribute it to the top layer of its surface, by sending data anyone around. According to our concept, the tower should restore the function of Information Hub. Millions of people from all over the globe can connect and contact the tower's information Cloud at any time, from anywhere, and their virtual message will appear in real time, in visual or audio form.

Including all mentioned above we decided to connect second level of the tower to the ground floor, internally, by adding the stairs. Additionally, it was decided to turn the wall around the tower into a convenient seats, where once could sit and admire the view and the landscape, it will also serve as barrier against the water which approaches the tower year by year.