Tamarashvili - CityZEN Apartment 1

72 sq.m.



- Contemporary elegant apartment with an architec- 12 tural touch. Designer’s task was to create an interior that will not bore clients for many years and will be functional. - The basis of the palette is neutral colors – white, sand, gray and gold. The materials are largely inspired by nature and symbolize the laconic and monolithic design. In general, the interior is characterized by light-filled spaces with marigold and dark gray accents. Contrast play here an important role.

- Furniture items are delicately placed benefiting from natural views and proper daylight. It was import-ant for us to use only convenient furniture, high-quality materials, and simple decor elements with minimal ornamentation.

- We conceive lighting as a key element for improving the well-being of people, analyzing the visual and non-visual effects of light.

- We believe that light is born in every luminaire, but lives in the space it illuminates and in the person who lives there.

- Combination of beauty and technology gives the result of healthy atmosphere; this is why we made lighting calculation and its automation.