12 653 კვ.მ

Europe Street


Design site is located in the vicinity of Tbilisi International Airport, on the street of Europe. The total site area makes 12 653 sq.m. Adjacency of the area to the airport and the central highway, provides an opportunity to develop there a multifunctional complex (hotels, shopping/business center, fast food, gas station) with well-organized road infrastructure, well-equipped spaces and a number of open and enclosed parking lots.

The main objective of the designing is to convert the existing plot into a unified development.

The main pros of the Development Regulation Plan (GRG), presented in pre-design survey, are as follows: developed road infrastructure, land-improvement and accordingly -increased employment opportunities.

Development of this area will give the impetus to the development of the surrounding areas with a similar function, which in its part will provide for the airport surrounding areas to become a community-business center for various organizations. Proper development of the presented territory means high quality of land and buildings and increase of the market value.

The owner of the project and client of Artstudio Project is a French company studio project partner is French company FUJIN SILK PROPERTIES LLC.