7076 m²

Tamarashvili N13, Tbilisi


Design site, totaling 7076 sq.m, is located at 13, Tamarashvili st, in Tbilisi.

The active zone of the garden, which includes a table tennis and basketball basket is located on the side of Tamarashvili Street as this part of the area is noisier due to the congestion of Tamarashvili Street.

A quiet recreation area will be located in the middle of the design site. The area of ​​this space does not intersect with the main traffic paths, therefore more coziness is created. The recreation area is equipped with long benches, pergolas and landscaping.

The playground will also accommodate multifunctional attractions meeting interests and abilities of various groups; mainly natural materials will be used there. The playground will be envisaged for different age groups and at the same time will create space for persons, accompanying kids.