335 ha

Khulo, Beshumi


Project: Feasibility study for the development of the resort “Beshumi” and surrounding areas in Khulo Municipality.


2019 Project team: Giorgi Sulaberidze, Irene Scalvini, Vazha Kukhianidze, Shio Demetrashvili, Levan Kartvelishvili, Vakhtang Gvakharia, Nana Meparishvili, Nata Bakhtadze Englander, Francesco Beta. (METROGRAMMA)


The main goal of the project was to create a healthy, safe recreation and living environment in the resort Beshumi, to increase the competitiveness and economy of the resort, to protect and develop natural resources. Based on the pre-project studies, a feasibility study was developed for the targeted development of the project area, which included physical, documentary research, and the concept of strategic development.