Project Team

Artstudio Project

G.Sulaberidze, M.Kalandadze, M.Gegeshidze

In 2012 organizing committee of “Europe Youth 2015 Olympic Festival” examined existing sport facilities in Tbilisi for identifying buildings, where competitions within Olympic Games could be held. Artstudio Project participated in architectural part of the survey. Preliminary survey works have been implemented by our staff. Buildings have been subjected to general structural and engineering examination. Preliminary concepts have been prepared for all examined buildings. Participation in this project was quite interesting and creative process. Examined sport facilities include: 1. Tennis complex in Ortachala 2. Pool complex Olimpic 3. Handball school in Gldani 4. Judo academy in Digomi. 5. Vera Basketball hall 6. Hall of sport department in Vake 7. Palace of Sport. Two concepts have been prepared for gymnastic palace. During designing, requirements of appropriate sport federations have been followed by our team.