387 m²

Tetritskaro Region, Manglisi Borough, Georgia


Project Team

Artstudio Project

G.Gegelashvili, M.Rurua, M. Lortqipanidze Structure LTD Cubicon MEP O.Aloian

The building of Administration and Visitor’s center of Algeti National Park is proposed as two adjacant blocks creating an alley (hall) along the row of pine trees. It reflects the natural pathway created by trees and existing landscape. The whole appearance of the building corresponds with the landscape and environment. Two blocks are different in height and the number of floors. The connection between them is a covered hall, which can be left open to become a yard during the summer. The exhibition space and cafeteria area are located to face the South-East orientation. Mainly, spaces of public use are designed towards South with a terrace, which is partially covered with a roof. The second floor is occupied by two main areas: Office and visitor’s apartments. Facades are clad with vacuum-pressure treated wood. Terrace also has a deck wood finish. Additional ramp is arranged from the terrace. The Aluminum profile windows with narrow width use double-glazing with a thermal break to minimize heat loss.