Site area - 7000m2; Project area - 4193.5m2.

St. Tbilisi, Yustine Abuladze Street N 15


Design Period: 2019 Construction period: 2020-2021

Project Team:

G. Sulaberidze, Ch. Khosiauri, N. Bokeria, N. Ivanidze, T. Iakobidze.

The project area is located in the geographical center of Tbilisi, in outer Avlabari.

At the first stage the development is presented on the site where there are one-storey barracks-type buildings of no architectural and historical value. According to the project they will be dismantled and a residential area will be built in their place. The main planning axis of the mixed-use development is the existing buildings, which as a result of the reconstruction-restoration can accommodate various commercial facilities that will be linked to the main cultural and artistic spheres. Surrounded by arcades and crowned by a dominant tower, according to the intention of the project authors, an interesting urban space will be created in the center of Avlabri, which will give a certain impetus to the development not only of the project area, but also to other adjacent areas. areas of the outer Avlabri.