3400 m²

Tbilisi, #14 Mtatsminda Str.


Project Team

Artstudio Project

G.Sulaberidze, M.Kalandadze, M.Gegeshidze, M.Lortqipanidze, D.Rusitashvili Structure LTD Cubicon

Design object is located in historical district of Tbilisi, in the bottom of Mtatsminda slope, below Mama Daviti church. The site is characterized with complex relief, with difference between levels and accordingly the building was designed to develop in terrace type. The real challenge of the design was to meet historical environment of the district and the aim was achieved; when coming from Mtatsminda Street, the building does not cover Mama Daviti church. It should be noted, that when looking from the above church, the roof of the building is naturally merged with existing environment and does not stand out roughly. The building has underground parking, completely covering needs of the inhabitants. Developers’ healthy attitude towards the design is really praiseworthy.