4797 m²

Nutsubidze Plateau, adjacent to Lisi lake


Project Team

Artstudio Project

G.Sulaberidze, M.Kalandadaze, M.Gegeshidze, E.Malutashvili, L.Gabelaia

Under financing of Municipal development fund of Georgia, construction of dormitory for 320 students with appropriate infrastructure was implemented at Nutsubidze Plateau, adjacent to Lisi Lake, on plot with area 15653m 2. Design was elaborated by Artstudio Project. It should be noted, that according to international practice, students dormitory is usually located in the vicinity of universities to avoi students from traffic expenses. In our case, dormitory is intended for socially deprived students from different universities; accordingly, it is not necessary to locate design building near to any university. The complex consists of 3 dwelling blocks and administrative building. The yard is fenced, conventionally divided into three parts – active (administrative-public and sport), dwelling (3 blocks) and leisure