162 Ha

Tbilisi sea

Parks contribute to the competitiveness of cities and make a great contribution to the process of sustainable development. The rehabilitation of Tbilisi Dendrological Park is a big challenge for our city. The project aims to rehabilitate Tbilisi Dendrological Park.

Dendrological Park is located near the Tbilisi Sea, which is characterized by a relatively low population density. Our goal is to significantly increase the attractiveness of the park for the population of Tbilisi and at the same time to maintain and develop the existing natural landscape and greenery. The total area of ​​the park is 162 hectares, of which 93 hectares are covered with forest.

The project envisages the restoration of the dried lake and its use for the functioning of the park irrigation system, the restoration of all existing paths and sidewalks and the arrangement of bicycle lanes, the placement of water fountains in different places, the creation of different types of recreational space. According to environmental conditions; Arranging playgrounds for relaxation.