6 ha



Project Team

Artstudio Project

O.Sulaberidze, T.Kalomletsavi, T.Samkharadze, O.Tukhareli, D.Rusitashvili

Project Description: main objective of the design lies in creation of new recreation space in Batumi center. The concept comprises an area for holding festivals and different evens; there will be also arranged infrastructure for sport, play and leisure activities. Design mainly aims at creation of green spaces; required infrastructure will be arranged using light and temporary structures, what will make possible for transformation of area when necessary. Design is planned to develop in stages. I stage will include arrangement of roads and paths, planting of greenery; existing open parking will be expanded and new parking area added. There will be also arranged sand grounds for sport activities, wooden stage and artificial green terraces with load-bearing walls. The area will eb also equipped with necessary infrastructure such as lighting poles, benches, dust bins etc.