45000 m²

Sakanela street, Tbilisi


Project Team

Artstudio Project

G.Sulaberidze, R.Khetsuriani, L.Kavlashvili Forein Partners Büro Happold Berlin, GRAFT

Design site is located at the river Mtkvari, adjacent to park, below The Square of Roses and is bordered with Javakhishvili street; historically, this area always used to be a green and walking zone of the city. Concept of dwelling complex is of ambiguous character; it creates an illusion of living in park with picturesque views on the river and on the city center. The design comprises up to three hundred apartments of different area, high quality leasing areas, offices and public facilities. Due to the perfect location, each apartment has a beautiful view. Sakanela square creates an urban plaza, which is protected from vehicles movement. New Sakanela street will attract all age groups; there will be restaurants, new park and shops. Green river line blends with urban concept of new construction. Dimensions of the buildings are defined according to landscape topography. Design of the whole complex merges with the existing environment. This project enables people to live in the city center and at the same time in green environment.