“Hilton-Canopy” will be located on the corner of Kote Abkhaz and Vakhtang Beridze streets and will start a new life in this place, with interesting events and people. In the historical place are the middle bazaar Armenian Street (1841), Rigi (1850), Tsitsyanov Street (1867), Armenian market (1876), Industrial Cooperation Street (1930). S. Todria Street (1938), K. Leselidze Street (1944) and Kote Abkhaz Street in 2000. The idea was called Vakhtang Beridze Street “Lilakhana”. “Lila” means color in Persian, and “Hannah” means house. There were paint workshops on this street that were made and sold. It’s all history – and now about the project. – Mood-boards, Old Tbilisi, etc.

Our concept is the pre-design of the interior of the “Hilton-Canopy” brand. According to the architectural design and brand standards, the main public spaces of the hotel are located on the first floor of the building. Lila was the same for a Georgian as indigo for a European. The first-floor option we offer is an interpretation of this market. The space is completely open and transient. The backbone of these spaces is the indoor street market; The spaces are separated by folding screens made of transparent blue threads.