1600 m²

Right Embankment of Mtkvari, Beliashvili street


Project Team

Artstudio Project

G. Sulaberidze, G.Maisuradze, Ts. Jakeli, A. Chikvaidze, L. Tsakadze

The design concept presents the company profile throughout the shape of the floor plans and façade. The H shaped façade stands for the first letter of the company name. The same emthod is used for the floor planning. This kind of planning enhances better opportunities to divide spaces into two different types: closed and opened spaces. In this particular project, opened spaces are used in interior for more open communication between the employees. Open layout guarantee the concentration of workplaces, reduction of m2 per employee, cost saving, shorter distances, visible open process, participating in what’s happening, acceleration of communication, flexibility for adaptations. We used the massive concrete wall to underline the company business, but mainly we integrate glazed facades to let sunlight into the building, but with using a perforated plate pattern, we avoid overheating. The building comprises seven floors; a hall with reception, kindergarten and 6 parking lots are located on the ground floor; on the mezzanine we have canteen and a library. The upper floors (1-4) are used for offices and the last floor is gym. The roof accommodates some amenities as well.The project mainly aimed at preservation of existing planting and merging of the design with the nature.