992222 m²

Kakheti highway, Tbilisi


Project Team

Artstudio Project

G.Sulaberidze, O.Sulaberidze, A.Mamulashvili, L.Chikovani, Sh.Demetrashvili, T.Kalomletsavi, T.Samkharadze, D.Rusitashvili

Development company “Symmetry” launched a closed competition for elaboration of architectural concept of social housing district. Artstudio Project entered the competition with work, comprising all required terms. Different approach of our company is as follows: initially was created unified scheme, defining development dimensions and parameters; next, the area was divided into districts; streets network, recreation corridor, open and public spaces were established; each building was planned to be elaborated by different architects to achieve individuality of districts and diversified architectural environment within one masterplan.