"Anagi", ARTSTUDIO and CMC have united again for the development of the construction sector!

On February 23, a memorandum of cooperation was signed between the architectural company – ‘’ASP_team’’, the construction company – ‘’Anagi’’ and the project management company – ‘’CMC’’.

BIM (Building Information Modeling) allows the parties involved in the construction to develop project in a 3D model at all stages of the construction project implementation. With the help of BIM, all the changes made in the project or the work done are shown in real mode and are available to architects, engineers, constructors, project managers and builders, which ensures the effective management of the construction project. The use of BIM ensures the presence of complete information, which is necessary during the construction and operation stage of the building and for several years become most sufficient tool in Europe and worldwide.

‘’BIM technology in the field of global design is one of the integral components of the best practice, which our architectural studio has been actively using for several years. In terms of design, BIM significantly simplifies and makes the process interactive. The collaboration of different specialists and the involvement of all parties, which is an important part of BIM, has a positive impact on the time and financial part of the work’’. - Otar Sulaberidze, Executive Director/Architect of the ‘’ASP_team’’.

In a joint agreement, the companies announce a future project that they plan to jointly manage, design and build using BIM. Companies join forces to develop the construction industry.

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