• Dwelling district at Tsurtsumia street

Dwelling district at Tsurtsumia street

4 ha

Dwelling district at Tsurtsumia street


Project Team

Artstudio Project

G.Sulaberidze, G.Chumburidze, A.Mamulashvili

Design site is located in geographical center of Tbilisi, in Avlabari. Conducted urban-planning analyses naturally separated three blocks with high potential of development, appropriate to the district. Main planning concept will be developed around existing buildings; after reconstruction they can accommodate different commercial objects mainly connected with cultural and art fields (workshops, offices, exhibition halls, clubs etc). Simultaneously with existing buildings, from the south there will be developed public pedestrian zone. Under the design it is planned to create interesting urban space in Avlabari center, which in its part will provoke for development not only to design site, but to adjacent areas as well.