• Embassy of Poland in Tbilisi

Embassy of Poland in Tbilisi

2040 m²

Dzotsenidze street #9


Project Team

Artstudio Project

G.Sulaberidze, G.Makharashvili, D.Rusitashvili

Building divides land plot into two parts. Respectively courtyard and front yard are formed. Courtyard is isolated and represents a green decorative garden. Contrary, front yard borders with Dzotsenirse street and represents partly covered space with skylights. It covers main entrance and ramp to parking. In front yard security building with WC and trash dumpster will be arranged as well. New fence will be arranged around whole plot. From the street side front yard covering will have extra steel fence on it.

New embassy presents to be a five-storey building; I floor is located at rear yard level, II floor –at front yard level (main entrance) and III floor –at Dzotsenidze street level (consulate and visitors entrance).