Land Use Zoning Plan for the Self-Governing City of Rustavi

7630 ha

Rustavi / Georgia


Urban Development


Project Team

Artstudio Project

G.Sulaberidze, A.Mamulashvili, L.Chikovani

Artstudio Project’s Urban Planning Specialists

V. Kukhianidze, G. Metreveli

GIS Data Base

T. Tsamalashvili

Legal Consulting

T. Bolotashvili

Aimed at urban and economic development of self-governing city of Rustavi, with the support of USAID and under the program G3 (Good Governance in Georgia), Artstudio Project elaborated appropriate urban-planning documentation. Main goal of General Land Use Plan is to establish sustainable development and define city opportunities for the following:

  • to create dense and developed city;
  • to increase density and functions;
  • to improve dwelling environment;
  • to develop functions of the cities;
  • modernization of industrial zones and increasing of employment;
  • creation of perfect public and landscape spaces;
  • increasing a role of local authorities in creation of perfect public and landscape spaces.

Design team divided project into 4 stages:

  1. pre-design stage-surveys;
  2. planning task order;
  3. general land use plan.


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