• Jewish Educational Complex “Or Avner and Hana”

Jewish Educational Complex “Or Avner and Hana”

2400 m2

75, Gorgasali street, Tbilisi


Project Team

Artstudio Project

T.Mikutadze, S.Lobzhanidze, G.Maisuradze, T.Gorgasanidze, N.Ostapenko


Arcon Group Ltd



Jewish educational complex, includes a school, kindergarten and sport hall. Design arrangement is developed around Jewish symbol: the Star of David.

Arrangement of buildings creates a courtyard where the star presents the center of it, creating hexagonal shape; its sections on plan have ideological load. Different corners of star coincide with building entrances, what makes easier the circulation in the yard; it connects facilities functionally and in organic manner as well and finally creates united educational complex.