• Georgian Dance Hall
  • Georgian Dance Hall
  • Georgian Dance Hall

Georgian Dance Hall

3000 m2

Mtatsminda, Tbilisi


We are pleased to inform you that , we would like to realize a project in city of Tbilisi “Georgians on Earth”.
More than 7 million tourists visit Georgia annually, they wish to familiarize with traditional Georgian culture as well as contemporary art.
As presented in conceptual project , above the funicular a Hall for Georgian dance is planned to be constructed, in case of realization of project , 300 visitors will be able to familiarize with Georgian folk dancing, singing, and cuisine. Project will create an opportunity for Government and diplomatic corp to have an ideal environment for events as well. In the foyer visitors will also be able to view the exhibitions by Georgian artists and writers as well as purchase art pieces.
Project realized by us will have an exchange program character with the similar cultural projects abroad, for example: French “Lido Show” or “Moulin Rouge”. This will help Georgian citizens to become familiarized with foreign culture.
The stage of Dancing concert hall with be 20 by 20 and will be equipped according to international standards. The concert hall itself will be equipped with ultra modern lighting and sound system.