• Multi-apartment Dwelling House on Melikishvili avenue

Multi-apartment Dwelling House on Melikishvili avenue

8700 m²

47-49-49a, P. Melikishvili Street, Tbilisi


Project Team

Artstudio Project

G. Sulaberidze, N.Ksovreli, G.Maisuradze, T. Samkharadze, S.Chikvaidze, D. Rusitashvili

Design site is located at intersection of Varaziskhevi and Melikishvili Avenue. The complex comprises dwelling, office and commercial areas and double-level, underground parking. Volume and shape of design object was mainly predetermined by adjacent listed building. Accordingly, in design concept there would be preserved the spirit of existing historical environment and to blend design building in it. We aimed at creation of big public space and open corner at intersection of streets; that’s why it was decided to cut building’s façade in triangle and gain more public space.